The Vampire Academy movie opens tomorrow!

Is anyone else as excited as I am?

I absolutely loved the Vampire Academy series. It was so entertaining, and I was thrilled when I found out Richelle Mead was doing the spin-off series Bloodlines. Now that it’s being made into a movie finally, I’m super excited.

If you haven’t read this series yet, you need to. It’s based around the students at St. Vladimir’s Academy, a secret school for moroi vampires, the living magic-wielding vampires who survive on a combination of human food and blood, and dhampirs, who are a mix of human and moroi blood. As kids, dhampirs train to become guardians and protect the moroi from strigoi, the dead vampires who survive only on blood.

There are twelve royal families among the moroi, and after a car accident kills her parents and brother, Vasilisa Dragomir (Lissa) becomes the last of the Dragomir line. Rosemarie Hathaway (Rose), a dhampir, is Lissa’s best friend and was almost killed in the same accident that killed Lissa’s family. She has been training all of her life to become Lissa’s guardian. Because Lissa is the last of her lineage, she is especially valuable to the rest of the moroi political world and therefore needs more protection than most.

What’s weird about their relationship is that since the car accident, Rose frequently finds herself slipping into Lissa’s mind inadvertently, something that can cause her to see certain situations that she’s better off not being apart of. But she eventually gets it under control and is able to control when she sees through Lissa’s eyes, helping Lissa keep her private life private. As inconvenient as this aspect of their relationship might be at times, it’s pretty helpful when things get dire. There is a much larger backstory to Rose being shadow-kissed, but for the sake of avoiding spoilers, I’ll skip it.

When it becomes apparent that someone is after Lissa, the two girls run away from St. Vladimir’s Academy in an attempt to find safety. Guardians have been searching for the girls since they left, so they were forced to move around pretty frequently. The series picks up just as Rose and Lissa are finally caught by a group of guardians and are dragged back to St. Vladimir’s Academy. One of these guardians is Dimitri Belikov, who quickly becomes Rose’s reluctant love interest, despite being seven years her senior as well as her new mentor. Lissa quickly reunites with a former boyfriend, but eventually finds a surprising interest in the outcast Christian Ozera, sparking quite a bit of controversy.

From this seemingly simple start, the characters end up on missions and journeys that take them far beyond where they ever imagined. This is your typical coming-of-age series with a supernatural twist. Rose and Lissa both grow significantly over the course of these six books, frequently discovering new strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities that help them grow into their roles as strong and influential women in the moroi and dhampir worlds.

I’m hoping against hope that this movie adaptation doesn’t completely butcher the story. So much damage (in my opinion) has been done to great stories once they were translated over to the big screen that I get very nervous about seeing movies that are based on some of my favorite books. Some adjustments I get, and of course some things need to be edited out or else the movies would end up being unrealistically long. But sometimes the omissions really damage the story for those die hard fans out there.

I’m really hoping if anything gets changed in the VA movie it’ll be as interesting as the crazy twist that was added to the end of Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Hopefully since Mark Waters, director of the Mean Girls and Daniel Waters, writer of Heathers have taken the helm, this one will have just the right amount of teenage snark and humor. Based on the trailers I’ve seen so far, I’m really loving some of the casting (although there are plenty of others who would disagree entirely). Even though Rose’s character seems to stray a bit from her persona in the book, I think Zoey Deutch will be good in her role. The one I’m having a big problem with is Dimitri. Danila Kozlovsky just doesn’t scream strigoi-killing badass like Dimitri does in the books. Personally, I think we need a little more Ben Barnes and a little less Sam Winchester. At the very least, he needs to lose the clean-shaven look. We know he can pull of the scruff, so why not?

Well if you haven’t read the books and are curious about the movie, here’s the official trailer. Enjoy!


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  1. Vsa126

    Looks like fun


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