Thrifty Thursday: May 29

If you’re anything like me, you’re always interested in finding those stellar ebooks that are super cheap. They’re very often self-published, but on occasion you can get some best-sellers for great prices when there are upcoming movies or series installments being released. So if you’re looking for some cheap reads, here are a few suggestions for ebooks that won’t completely break your bank.



Photo courtesy of Goodreads

Photo courtesy of Goodreads

If you liked Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series and loved Adrian as much as I did, you should check out her spin-off series, Bloodlines. The first in the series, Bloodlines, is only $5.43 on Amazon for Kindle and also on Google Play (compared to $9.99 on Barnes & Noble for Nook). The 5th book, Silver Shadows, will be out July 29, so this is a great opportunity to get caught up. The rest of the books in the series range in price from $7.62-$10.99, and you can preorder the upcoming release Silver Shadows on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $10.99.


Photo courtesy of Goodreads

Photo courtesy of Goodreads

Here’s a freebie for you. Watched, book 1 of Cindy Hogan’s Watched trilogy won’t hurt your pockets one bit. It’s free on both Kindle and Nook, so all you (us) Nook users out there are in luck! Granted, it’s normally only $.99, but free means you’re not out anything but time (and maybe patience) if you end up hating it. The reviews on Amazon are somewhat lacking for this one, so here’s the link for its Goodreads page that has over 200 reviews and more than 1,000 ratings.


Photo courtesy of Goodreads

Photo courtesy of Goodreads

With the upcoming movie release, it might be worth grabbing John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars for only $4.99 for Kindle and on Google Play (not so cheap on Nook, unfortunately). It’s also available on Overdrive, which is utilized by many public libraries, if you’re interested in getting it for free. If nothing else, check out John Green himself on his YouTube channel, vlogbrothers. He’s got some pretty funny and often insightful things to say.


Photo courtesy of Goodreads

Photo courtesy of Goodreads

The third and final book in Kiera Cass’s The Selection seriesThe One, was just released on May 6, so now is a great time to pick up the first book in the trilogy, The Selection. It’s only $2.99 for Kindle and on Google Play. Book 2, The Elite, is on sale for $5.99, and both normally retail for $9.99. This series is also available on Overdrive (although The One has yet to be released on there).


Photo courtesy of Goodreads

Photo courtesy of Goodreads

BornBook 1 of Tara Brown’s Born Trilogy, is on Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now for only $1. With 3,306 ratings and 344 reviews on Goodreads and an average of 4.07 stars, it’s worth a look. Even better, the second and third books are only $1.91, so the entire series can be owned for less than $5.


Happy reading!




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