Tuesday Review Day: Sweet Reckoning by Wendy Higgins

More recently, I’ve been reading books that stray a bit from what normally appeals to me. Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Obsidian (review here) is one example. Another one is Wendy Higgins’  Sweet Reckoning. A good friend had been recommending Sweet Trilogy for about 2 years, but the concept of it never really grabbed me. After awhile I decided to give it a look, and was definitely not disappointed. I was disappointed, however, that after reading the first two books I had to wait several months before reading the finale. So I waited patiently, and finally on April 29, the conclusion to the Sweet trilogy, Sweet Reckoning, was released.

Photo courtesy of Goodreads

Photo courtesy of Goodreads

Author: Wendy Higgins
Series: Sweet Trilogy
Publication Date: April 29, 2014
Pages: 379
Rating: 4 stars

You can read my review for book 1, Sweet Evil, on Goodreads.

In the first two books of the series, Anna Whitt discovers that she is the daughter of Belial, Duke of Substance Abuse. She is the hybrid daughter of his marriage to an angel, making her a very unique member of the Nephilim race (a race of demon-human hybrids). Her angelic side makes her want to do good by the Nephilim race and her mother’s memory, so she bands together with several other Nephilim to start a revolution against their fathers, the Dukes. In book 2, she is given the Sword of Righteousness to be used as a weapon in the fight between the Nephilim and the Dukes.

In book 3, that fight comes to a head. After losing one of their own in Sweet Peril, the Nephilim must regroup and figure out how to move forward. Their battle with the Dukes is nearing, and while Anna awaits word from her father about when to make her next move, she also ends up on the run from Kaiden’s father, the Duke of Lust, who continues to question her virtue, supposedly taken by Kaiden earlier on. Anna and Kaidan must now come to terms with the after-effects of their decision to become monogamous and decide what to do with their future as it stands in the Neph revolution. Major life decisions stem from this choice, and not just those involving whether or not they should sleep together. Anna and her friends experience significant loss in this final installment, but grows more than she could’ve imagined.

What I Liked:

1. Anna’s ability to take on some crazy situations flawlessly really shows in this one. She’s smart, matter-of-fact, and self-sacrificing in a good way, all while doing her best to maintain some bit of normalcy in her life.

2. There was no real sugar-coating. The author was not afraid to take the whole Sin aspect to disturbing levels, which helped keep the series from turning into something that’s been used up and is boring.

3. It was unpredictable, more than the first two. There were times that I thought Ms. Higgins was seriously going to go “there” with a few of the plot lines, like when Kaiden and Anna are forced to put on a show for one of the whisperers. Also, there were plenty of “Happily ever afters,” but not everyone was saved. It was sad, but made the book less predictable.

4. Anna’s dad, Belial. He appeared to be a complete bad ass, but was a loving father who delivered the truth, even when it hurt worst. His costume change into a dead rapper was pretty comical, too.

What I Didn’t Like:

1. The whole idea of the Sword of Righteousness. It was a great weapon, sure, but it almost seemed like an underhanded way to preach no sex before marriage. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just prefer lessons in morality to be a bit less veiled.

2. Anna and Kaiden were basically forced into having sex. Yes, they wanted to very much. But the circumstances surrounding Anna’s first time were just unfortunate to say the least. It was happy for them, but it wasn’t on their own terms.

3. The final battle scene was a little odd. There were times when everyone was going nuts killing each other, then all of a sudden it was like time stopped so one Duke or Neph could die while everyone stopped and looked on. It just didn’t seem like the kind of situation where you took a time out to notice someone you were trying to kill was dying.

This was a fantastic series, one that I’ll likely be rereading again now that I’ve got all three books. If you’re looking for a deviation from the typical supernatural beings, this one is definitely worthwhile. This one will definitely fall into my “different in a good way” category.


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