Monday’s Musings: August 11th

Ok, ok, so I’m on a Harry Potter kick big time and felt a quote from good old Severus Snape was in order. I hated him throughout the entire series, but once I got to the end and was able to look back and see all the good he did it was impossible not to shed a few (ok maybe more than a few) tears.

The mind is not a book

The reason I chose this quote is because it’s such a powerful statement. The mind isn’t something that can be shut off, no matter how much we sometimes try. It is in perpetual motion, invisible yet full of ideas, thoughts, dreams, emotions, fears, and desires. It is not “a book to be opened at will;” rather it is a book that is always open and often running amuck inside your head. It is important to take what it offers, find the good parts, and use them to build strength and character.

For those who want to write or who already do, using the written word as an outlet for intense emotions is one way to try and make heads or tails of things that aren’t easily vocalized. J.K. Rowling used her grief over the loss of her mother, to help her write the Harry Potter series, and as anyone who has lost someone knows, grief is not something that can be easily spoken about or easily put into words. The emotion behind her words was so raw and accurate it was impossible not to be moved by them, and that outpouring of the mind is what truly makes a great story.



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3 responses to “Monday’s Musings: August 11th

  1. I think we all loved to hate Snape, at least up until the very end. *Tears up* a great quote! too!


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