What’s Up Wednesday: Working on Writer’s Block

Now that my schooling is done and I have more time to dedicate to writing, it seems I’ve gotten stuck. Whereas while I had a lot of classwork to do in addition to writing my blog I was able to come up with material fairly easily, now that I’ve got more time I’m experiencing a severe case of writer’s block. It’s an unavoidable fact of life when it comes to writing, but it’s still frustrating nonetheless.

So I did what I always do when I get stuck or have a problem. I Googled. And wouldn’t you know, there is a TON of information out there on the causes of writer’s block, how to combat it, ways to stay creative when you’re not writing, etc. One infographic in particular stood out, so I thought it’d be worth sharing for anyone else experiencing this same frustration. It’s one of four listed in an article by Sunil Jain, and can be found here.

Writer's Block


This might be my favorite infographic to date because it has so much useful information. It opens with one of my favorite things – quotations! Professional advice from those who have experienced the brick wall that is writer’s block. My favorite is Agatha Christie’s: “The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.” It’s the truth – I get hit with ideas at the most random times, most often when I’m laying in bed half asleep. The notepad app on my phone has been a lifesaver for times like these because I don’t think my husband would be too happy if I turned the light on each time I needed to write something down.

The personal goals section has inspired me to create a goal of my own. I’m not sure what that will be yet, but I think that goals in writing can be very helpful when trying to keep up the habit and create something great. It’s also comforting to see some of the big names that have experienced writer’s block – Samuel Coleridge, Ernest Hemmingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, etc. It indicates that writer’s block clearly has nothing to do with a lack of imagination or originality

But most important is the section on tips for avoiding or overcoming writer’s block. They’re all great tips, but I find numbers 7, 11, and 14 most helpful. Coffee, a good book, and a notebook can all be great ways to decompress while getting the creative juices flowing. If I sat down and went through my notebook, I’d almost definitely be able to come up with something that I could put toward the book I plan to write someday. But coffee and a great book – those are the things of beauty. I’ve gleaned so much inspiration from well written books, and not necessarily just from the story itself. When I read a book where I can feel the author’s excitement and emotion come through, that’s when true inspiration hits. I’ll finish a book and immediately want to sit down and write whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it makes sense, other times not so much.

So now as I finish this I realize that I’ve spent 15 minutes writing this post, whereas the three I attempted before this barely got halfway finished over the course of about a week. Oh, the irony.

Here are a few more places to look for info on battling writer’s block, if you’re interested:

Writing Tips: Strategies on Overcoming Writer’s Block

“The 10 Type of Writer’s Block and How to Overcome Them” 

Purdue Owl (this one is also super useful as a reference for writing styles)

New Yorker – “Blocked” 

“Get Unstuck” 

“The Art of Being Still”

Happy writing!


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